Donald Trump and the Sad State of American Journalism

Today’s news media seem to exhibit three main qualities:

  • Pandering – Telling people what they want to hear; never offending anyone, no matter the issue, ala the major news networks including PBS
  • Repetition – Repeating the same thing over and over ad nauseum, ala CNN
  • Rudeness – Shoutfests masquerading as dialogue, ala almost every cable news outlet

It is any wonder Donald Trump appears to exhibit these same qualities. His obvious strategy is to pander to the media which in turn gains him free publicity and allows him to rise in the polls.

Jorge Ramos of Univision wasn’t willing to play Trump’s little game Tuesday in Iowa. He dared to stand up and pointedly ask Trump to defend his positions on immigration. For his efforts, Ramos was removed from the press conference and, as Glenn Greenwald pointed out in an excellent article at The Intercept yesterday, was skewered by fellow journalists for being opinionated in his approach and aggressive in his questioning.

In his article, Greenwald labeled the phenomenon of journalists refusing to take a stand on major issues as part of the “Corporatization of American Journalism”.

Greenwald is putting a pretty fine point on the subject – maybe too fine in TDV’s view.   A once noble profession seems to have morphed into an arm of a pandering, repetitious and rude media establishment, with very little self-awareness that a problem even exists.

Kudos to Ramos and Greenwald for refusing to be part of the “Stupidification” of American Journalism.