With Hillary, Saying “Sorry” is Hard to Do

Many liberal Democrats are fed up; tired of the parsing and the double speak.

They want candidates who tell it like it is, and stand up for what they believe in.

In this environment, Bernie Sanders has picked up a lot of support, accounting for his recent rise in the polls. Sanders is direct and plan spoken – a breath of fresh air in toxic political environment where bigotry and racism reign among leading Republicans.

Hilary Clinton – a centrist – is wooing the liberal wing of the party.  She needs their support to win in the early primaries and give her campaign momentum.

But she and her advisors apparently don’t get it. Everything seems overly parsed, overly scripted, leaving you to wonder where she really stands on the important issues of the day.

The Email server issue is a case in point: in the beginning, she says she did absolutely nothing wrong when she conducted official business on private email servers; then, last week in Iowa, well, maybe, it “wasn’t the best choice,” she finally admitted.

This issue has been dragging on for months. It seems manifestly obvious to a lot of people that you shouldn’t conduct public business on private servers, outside any governmental scrutiny, when dealing with potentially classified information.

Hillary says the issue is “complicated.” TDV thinks it is Hillary’s reaction to the issue that is overly complicated and highly problematic.

How can you trust someone to be President of the United States, to stand up for liberal values, if that person can’t admit an obvious mistake?

With Hillary, saying “Sorry” is hard to do.