Note to Joe Biden – Please Don’t Run; It Will Only Tarnish Your Legacy


You have been an icon of the Democratic Party for decades. Plain spoken and straight shooting. A man of the people.

So what’s not to love?

Answer – Candidate Joe Biden for the Democratic Nomination for President in 2016.  Someone who:

  • At 72 years old, should be passing the baton, not running with it,
  • Has already had a shot, back in ’08, and didn’t fare very well,
  • Is barely indistinguishable in policy positions from another major candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Joe, today, there are too many people in this country living at or near the poverty line;  too many people whose wages are stagnating;  too many people barely treading water to get by day-to-day.

The Democratic Party needs to tackle these issues head on. The Party needs new faces, bold and creative ideas, and people willing to challenge the established order to make things happen and bring about change.

Joe, that is not you, not at this point in you career anyway, and to run now would only tarnish your legacy.