Stop the Media Circus Surrounding the Debates

CNN’s handling of the Republican primary debate last night was a disgrace.

  • The camera constantly on Donald Trump in split screen
  • Jack Tapper continually leading questions with the likes of: “He said ‘xyz’ about you, what do you say to that?
  • Large crowds constantly cheering and clapping.

Is this what politics in America has come to? – Political debates conducted like they were sporting events.

No wonder the system is broken – the media has reduced serious political debate to the equivalent of a football game …

No, scratch that, at least in football games, a lot of the over-the-top entertainment is concentrated at halftime.

In these debates, we get the Donald Trump comedy show laced throughout.

Let’s have a return to civility. Let’s put the debates on public television; set some reasonable ground rules; stop the cheering and clapping, and have a serious dialogue on serious issues.