Wall Street Journal Arrogance on Full Display for Pope’s Visit

As Pope Francis begins his visit to the U.S., it is little sad to read the Wall Street Journal editorial page as it wags its finger at the Pope for being embraced by “a contemporary progressive political agenda” which the paper describes as “income redistribution” and “government economic control to reduce climate change.”

Sadder still perhaps that WSJ would stoop to speaking for Catholics while lecturing the Pope on the proper scope of this authority:

“Catholics understand that while the pope speaks for God on matters of faith and morals, his infallibility does not extend to economics or environmentalism. “

Just for the record WSJ:

  • Progressive taxation and income redistribution are not the same thing (see TDV blog, “Democrats Needs to Stand-Up to Special Interests and Reform Regressive Tax Policies”).
  • Reasonable standards on fuel emissions and incentives to reduce pollution are not synonymous with “government economic control to reduce climate change”
  • In the future, you may want to refrain from telling “Catholics” what they understand or don’t understand (unless you are purposefully trying to insult to millions of people)
  • We, as citizens , have a duty to consider the moral implications of government policy (see TDV blog, “Bernie Sanders and the Moral Imperative to Act”), and the Pope is right and courageous to speak out

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Your amoral elitist arrogance is on full display for the Pope’s visit.