An Appeal to God to Help End Racism in America

By Ian Wachstein

diversitytree_edited-1As America continues to struggle with our terrible problem of racist behaviors, I am inclined to write a letter to GOD asking for His or Her help. Frankly, while I am not an atheist, I am a doubter of the existence of GOD. But given that GOD might exist, I believe it would be worth the time and effort to ask for GOD’S help on this issue. To that end, this would be my letter to GOD.

Dear GOD,

Needless to say, I know you are aware of America’s history as it relates to racial bigotry. Throughout our American history that began in 1492, people of color have experienced a legally accepted racial bigotry which began in the 16th century. First came slavery that lasted for about three centuries. Next came segregation that continued for another century. Finally, in the 1960s, racism as a legally accepted practice, was ended, but racism, as a practical matter, continued to be practiced in many different areas in our country, and to this day, despite the progress America has made in dealing with racism, the fact remains that a significant number of Americans of Caucasian background still believe that people with dark skin are less qualified as humans than those of the Caucasian or white race, and these same people believe that America should still, as in the past, be controlled by the Caucasian or white race.

Now GOD, if you do exist, the belief held by those who believe in you is that you have created all of us humans. And given that science shows we humans are pretty much 99% the same in our physical being with skin color being literally the only difference, we need your help in bringing all of us humans around to accept this reality and to finally rid ourselves of this passion of racism that has done so much to tear our American nation apart.

So here is my suggestion. I call upon you to speak to all of your dedicated American religious leaders, your priests, your ministers and pastors, your rabbis, Muslim clerics, and other religious leaders of every persuasion to come together as a unified group to demand, while standing next to each other in a public setting, that each and every member of their individual religious groups cease their godless ways and begin immediately to work for a better America that accepts the equality of each and every human no matter their race, religion or ethnicity. I call upon you to lead your flocks on a path that will accept and recognize what our terrible racist history has done to our African American communities throughout our country; what we need to do to repair this fissure within our nation, and the real time that it will take before this problem is fully fixed.

I thank you GOD for taking the time to read my letter and I hope that you will, by your actions, give me a reason to finally accept your existence.


  1. What a wonderful letter to God. I will be anxiously awaiting his reply in word and deed exhibited by ALL Americans ! It’s about time!

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