Reflections on the Need for Leadership that Serves the People

By Ian Wachstein

What’s happening to my country? That’s a question I ask myself almost daily these days. Think about our national leadership. I believe that President Obama has done many good things on behalf of our country, and if the Republican Party had actually acted on behalf of our people throughout our president’s current administration, our president could have gotten so much more done. But Republican Senator McConnell made it clear at the outset of our president’s administration that they would fight on every issue to see to it that President Obama’s administration would be a failure.

Think about our leadership in New Jersey. When Governor Christie arrived in office, he made it clear that he would be tackling our most serious problems in an effort to make certain that all of our New Jersey citizens would be the better for his efforts. But what has happened? In general, he has been a voice for anger and disrespect for any and all who might have an opinion different from him, and he has violated his own claims of ethics by signing off on agreements with his adversaries that required both parties to adhere to required actions only to renege on his obligations after his adversaries had fulfilled their part of the bargain. The most glaring example for this last point is the agreement he signed with his state employee unions which required said employees to pay more into their pension funds and the State of New Jersey to actually pay, for the first time in many years, it’s required annual contribution.

EisenhowerOn the national level, the Republicans did not succeed in every area of trying to undermine our president, and the facts show that our country has made positive strides for our well being. But we could have done so much more on behalf of our lower and middle classes if the Republicans had followed in the lanes created by their predecessor presidents like Dwight Eisenhower who had our people, and not our politics, at the top of his list of accomplishments to be achieved.

As for New Jersey, the facts here are clear as well. While our governor spends an incredible amount of time traveling outside of our state in an effort to become our nation’s next president, our state flounders financially, our governor continues to refuse to abide by his obligation as per an agreement with our state unions that he signed into law, and he uses our state’s tax revenues amounting, so far, to over a million dollars to pay for his security while on his road to his hoped for nomination for president by his Republican Party.

What’s happening to my country and to my State of New Jersey? My hope is that all of my fellow citizens will be asking this same question and will respond as well to our current challenges as my country has done in the past.