Crossing a Red Line

Trump needs to feel the “fire and fury” of the American electorate (Picture source:

In the past, it has been rare that an event in American politics provokes such outrage. That’s because politicians are trained to offend as few as possible and appeal to a broad middle class and win elections.

So what is wrong with Donald Trump? He essentially won because the Democratic Party, (mis)led by Hilary Clinton, split in two – Progressives and moderates. The so-called moderates couldn’t seem to relate to working people or offer a positive message of change. Ultimately, they failed to generate the enthusiasm needed to counter Trump’s vacuous, populist bluster.

In this environment, one would expect Trump to move to the middle, to cement his support with disaffected voters on the margins whom he will need to win the next election.

Instead, Trump has doubled down with dangerous, “bomb”-bastic rhetoric targeted to his most ardent followers. In so doing, he has violated one of the most sacred pillars of American politics – America’s nuclear arsenal is intended as a deterrent, and you never, ever threaten nuclear war for political gain.

But that is just what Trump did and, in so doing, he has proven himself unfit for office.

He now needs to feel the “fire and fury” of the American electorate.