Progressives are Crying While Billionaires Rejoice

Progressive Tears

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign offers a coffee mug with the catchphrase “Billionaire Tears” plastered on the front in bold red and blue letters.  It is a reference to Leon Cooperman, a billionaire hedge fund manager, who became emotional during a television interview over Warren’s proposed wealth tax.

The mug resonates with Progressives.  We believe that after decades of wage stagnation and the benefits of economic growth flowing to the very top of the income scale, it is time for billionaires to pay more in taxes.  We can use the proceeds to invest in people, in education and job training, and infrastructure, and we can build a strong, fair economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

But Progressives now also have a reason to cry, while the Billionaires are rejoicing.

Warren and Sanders refusing to shake handsIn Tuesday’s Democratic debate on January 14, just weeks before the Iowa caucuses, the friendship and cordiality that seemed to characterize the relationship between Warren and Sanders vanished.  During the debate, the two parried with each other over who said what about whether woman can win the election.  Elizabeth Warren appears to be guilty of publicizing something said in a private conversation.  The feud may have been exacerbated by reports that the Sanders’ campaign was talking down Warren as being more in tune with highly educated voters.

Any way you slice it, it is a bad omen for Progressives looking to unite behind the one with the most momentum and the best chance of beating Trump.

So here is a little advice for both Bernie and Elizabeth – No infighting.  Work together.  Cooperate.  Help unite a strong, energetic Progressive movement that takes down Donald Trump.

Maybe then we can give the Billionaires something to really cry about – an election that returns power to the people, restores a fair economy, and requires Big Corporations and Billionaires to finally pay their fair share.