The Democratic View Endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders for President!

Income and wealth inequality are major problems in the US.  The real wages of working people have barely risen in decades.  Our political system is awash in money.  The government is dysfunctional.  Lobbyists increasingly write the rules in the shadows.  Our tax system is regressive and riddled with loopholes that benefit big corporations and the wealthy.

Tax cuts for the rich now pass for fiscal policy.  This has put our economy is on a sugar high while the need for investment in infrastructure and people to stimulate real, long-term economic growth is ignored.

Today, our system of governance more closely resembles an oligarchy rather than a true democracy.   Trump, in our view, is a symptom of a much larger malaise that has infected our entire body politic.  To those who argue that it is sufficient to kick Trump from office and everything will return to “normal,” we say: Normal is no longer good enough.  Elizabeth Warren has a point: we need “Big Structural Change.”

Only two candidates have seriously addressed the need for major reforms to our political and economic systems.   Those candidates are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Unfortunately, Elizabeth Warren has just ended her campaign, having failed to win a major primary, including her home state of Massachusetts.

The Democratic campaign for President is now down to two major candidates, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.   Sanders is the only candidate who has consistently fought for the rights of the poor and working people his entire career, and he continues to do so.  Without Bernie Sanders, workers’ rights, raising the minimum wage, fighting climate change and the need for universal access to quality affordable health care would not even be on the agenda.   For bringing these issues to the fore, and leading the fight over decades, Bernie Sanders is a “True American Hero.”

Joe Biden’s record is checkered at best.  As Sanders has pointed out, Biden voted for major trade deals, such as NAFTA, that failed to protect workers’ rights and outsourced American jobs.  He supported cuts to Social Security and Medicare and voted for the war in Iraq.  He sided with the credit card companies against consumers.  Remember Anita Hill?

After decades in politics, it is still hard to tell what Biden actually believes in.  He seems to be one of those politicians always hewing to the center, telling voters what he thinks they want to hear, and trying to please his donor base, rather than championing policies that improve the lives of the working people who are the soul of the Democratic Party.  It is no accident that Biden launched his campaign in Philadelphia back in May, then made a bee-line that same afternoon for a big dollar fund raiser hosted by a senior Comcast executive.

Of course, Bernie Sanders is not perfect.  At 78, he is a little old to be elected president.  His approach to politics often comes across as dogmatic, as if he is unwilling to compromise. We very much hope that Sanders works hard over the coming months to reach out to moderate Democrats, including suburban woman and African Americans, to build the broad coalition that will be needed to defeat Donald Trump.

It won’t be easy.  We will hear constant attacks by the Democratic establishment, the mainstream media and Republican SuperPacs branding him a Marxist bent on upheaval and revolution – rather than the FDR Democrat he really is.

If supporting a decent wage for working people, affordable universal health care, free tuition as public colleges and universities and addressing climate change is revolutionary, then the fight is on:


Flyer Endorsing Bernie Sanders for President