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1/9/16 Huffington Post White House Isn’t Backing Down On Deportation Raids Targeting Families Really only one thing to say: This must stop! See also NYT editoral:  A Shameful Round-Up of Refugees
1/9/16 New York Times Op-Ed, Rept. Steve Israel (D-NY) Steve Israel: Confessions of a Congressman 1st person account beautifully describes how big money influences U.S. Congress.  See also NYT editorial: Beggars Banquet in Congress
1/9/16 New York Times, Gardiner Harris  and Cecilia Kang Obama Shifts Online Strategy on Isis Administration looks to big tech companies for help.  Related TDV Post: A Tech Partnership with Private Sector
1/8/16 Huffington Post, Zach Carter Hillary Clinton is Not Telling the Truth About Wall Street Hillary distorts Sanders’ position on breaking up big banks and risks alienating party base (what else is new?)
1/8/16 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Paul Ryan and Tim Scott A Republican Cure for Liberal Failures on Poverty Republicans in Congress say they are ready to help the poor with jobs and education (we’ll believe it when we see it).
1/8/16 New York Times Editorial A Shameful Round-Up of Refugees NY Times editorial takes Obama to task (and rightly so) for expelling Central Americans seeking refuge from poverty, gang and drug violence.
1/7/16 Bloomberg View, Albert R. Hunt A Banner Year for “Dark Money” in Politics Political advocacy groups masquerade as tax-exempt “social agencies” while Congress blocks enforcement of regs
1/7/16 New York Times Editorial Beggars Banquet in Congress No wonder Congress is dysfunctional: members spend more than half their time raising money
1/5/16 Financial Times, John Plender A strange aversion to corporate tax Profits rise at multi-national corporations and so does tax aversion with US leading the way
1/5/16 New York Times, Nelson D. Schwartz Economists Take Aim at Wealth Inequality Once “backwater” issue of income inequality is going mainstream
1/1/16 Friends Journal, Kevin Rutledge Bird-dogging the Candidates: Citizen Volunteers Expose Hidden Corporate Influence Quaker led volunteers in Iowa and New Hampshire ask candidates probing questions exposing corporate influence in politics
 12/29/15  New York Times Article By Molding Tax System, Wealthiest Save Billions Part of “Buying Power” series on the concentration of wealth in America
 12/21/15  Washington Post, Uri Blau  Why is the U.S. is subsidizing Israeli settlement  Israeli investigative journalist documents how U.S. subsidizes West Bank settlement through tax write offs