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CAMDEN1b_attbTheDemocraticView.com (TDV) is an independent web site advocating for core democratic principles including equality for all and government of, by and for the people – not special interests. 

TDV is adamantly opposed to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates of “dark money” into U.S. politics.  The decision is in clear and flagrant violation of the principles upon which our great democracy was founded and it must be repealed. 

For more discussion of the democratic values and principles TDV seeks to promote, please read “A Call to Action“.  TDV is based in Camden County, New Jersey, outside Philadelphia.

TDV is not officially affiliated with the Democratic Party or any political candidate. We do not accept financial contributions or advertising. This allows us to offer an independent view of important issues of the day, unencumbered by financial and institutional sponsorship.

FishingInOrientalNC_CroppedThe web site facilitator is John Conlow, who worked for most of his career as a transportation planner.  He retired in 2015 and continues to advocate in The Democratic View for substantially increased investment in infrastructure (and people) as a means to stimulate jobs creation and economic growth — at least when he is not fishing for big Red Drum in the Neuse River off beautiful Oriental, N.C.  (Btw, “Red” was subsequently released. )

MaryInRittenhouseParkForBernie_Ver1John’s wife, Mary Noland , a retired legal aid attorney, helps with general encouragement, editorial comment and editing.  Mary in seen in the photo at left handing out Flyers – “Join the Revolution – Bernie Sanders for President” – in beautiful Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia.

Written blog posts and comments are welcome and encouraged. Comments and posts can be emailed to: JohnConlow@TheDemocraticView.com.  If commenting on an existing post, please reference the title in the subject line of the email. TDV reserves the rights to approve and / or edit all submissions.



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