Capturing the Spirit of Democracy

 The Museum of the American Revolution opened in April of this year, funded largely by private donations.  Located in Old City Philadelphia, the museum is just blocks from Independence Hall and across the street from the First Bank of the United States founded by Alexander Hamilton. The museum documents the history of the American Revolution…

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O Canada, Health Care, Glorious and Free

It is smooth sailing for Canadians accessing quality health care at reasonable cost.  Shelburne Harbour, Nova Scotia, Sept. 14, 2017.
It is smooth sailing for Canadians accessing quality health care at reasonable cost. Shelburne Harbour, Nova Scotia, Sept. 14, 2017.

My wife Mary and I recently took a short vacation to the Maritime provinces.  We visited Yarmouth and Shelburne, among other small towns along the South Coast of Nova Scotia.  We reveled in the natural beauty of the landscapes and the warmth of the people we met. The only time it got even remotely strained…

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Hillary Clinton: The Blame Game Revisited

Hillary Clinton’s new book, entitled “What Happened,” is due out later this month.  Based on excerpts circulating on the web, Clinton blames her loss in part on Bernie Sanders for repeatedly attacking her and setting up Trump’s refrain “Crooked Hillary.”  She also questions Sanders’ Democratic credentials and asserts that she, not Bernie Sanders, is the real Democrat….

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Beyond Charlottesville: Addressing Underlying Causes of Racism and Violence


Racism and violence, of the kind we saw in Charlottesville, Va, this past week always merit our outage and condemnation.  But we have to be careful. Such attitudes pose a subtle danger: they can be overly simplistic and serve to obscure underlying issues that contribute to the unrest. History has taught us that racism and…

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A Small Ray of Hope for American Democracy

Senator John McCain

Here at TDV we are Progressives. We believe in strong government that works for the people to improve their lives. That includes enabling a robust economy and providing educational opportunity and quality health care to all Americans. And, in the richest country on earth, no one, ever, should be forced to live in poverty. Then,…

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Are We Witnessing the Birth of a New Progressive Party?

TR 1902 State of the Union

Princeton Professor Cornel West and some former Bernie Sanders campaign staffers are trying to convince Sanders to lead a third party, a progressive “People’s Party.” Sanders has said he intends to work within the Democratic Party to bring about reform, but he has left open the door just a crack if the Democratic Party doesn’t…

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Here We Go Again – More Supply-Side B.S.

Supply-Side B.S.

Donald Trump’s tax plan, unveiled Wednesday, calls for massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy (i.e. “small business”). He also threw a bone to the “middle class” in the form of increasing the standard deduction from $12,700 to $24,000 for a married couple. All justified in the name of jobs and economic growth. Economist…

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It Is Not Rocket Science: Here’s How To Fix Obamacare

Donald Trump meeting with health insurance executives at the White House

What’s wrong with Obamacare?  Is it rising premiums and lack of choice, as some Republicans would have you believe?  Or is it that insurance companies don’t like the increased transparency and competition that comes with health care exchanges? Or, as Libertarians such as Ron Paul argue, is Obamacare just another expensive “entitlement” program that fosters a…

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Will Progressives Bolt the Democratic Party?


On Saturday, Democrats meet in Atlanta to elect a new chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  The leadership fight has been taking place largely behind the scenes with two main candidates, Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, vying for the leadership position. Ellison, a Muslim, has the support of…

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This is Democracy. We, the People, Decide

On Wednesday, January 25, Donald Trump signed an executive order withholding Federal aid to “Sanctuary” cities such as Philadelphia.  The next day, as Republicans met in Philadelphia to set their legislative agenda for the upcoming year, the people of Philadelphia, protesting in the shadow of William Penn atop City Hall, took to the streets to…

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The Women’s Marches: Affirming Democratic Principles

In a BBC video (below), conservative commentator and author Andrew Sullivan, quoting Plato, argues that the very principles of freedom and equality inherent in democratic government inevitably descends into chaos which, turn, precipitates the rise of demagogues like Donald Trump. “As the people thrill to him as a kind of solution, democracy willingly, inevitably repeals…

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Hillary – Time to Show Bernie a Little Love

After her decisive win in New York, Hillary Clinton is the “presumptive” Democratic nominee for President, according to many in the mainstream media. Still, the electoral terrain going forward is mostly Northeast and West Coast states that are favorable to Bernie. It may be a long shot that he overtakes Hillary in the delegate count,…

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Join the Revolution – Bernie Sanders for President

Get a Flyer to Hand-Out Mainstream Democrats pander to Wall Street and fail to stand-up and oppose unnecessary and counter-productive foreign wars. For decades, Democrats have acquiesced in regressive tax policies resulting in huge tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of the poor and working class. Democrats, like Republicans, accept big money donations from…

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Socialism is Not A Dirty Word

National defense, roads and bridges, police and fire protection: All are managed by government, and all have “socialist” elements.  Is Bernie Sanders really such an outlier? Is quality health care for all beyond our reach?  In balancing such questions, America has some things to teach other nations, but we could also learn from them as well….

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Hillary’s Infrastructure Plan Comes Up Short

Hillary Clinton has proposed investing $275 billion over five years in American infrastructure – roads, bridges and transit systems. There is just one problem: $275 billion is just a fraction of what is actually needed to restore and repair American infrastructure. The amount that should be invested, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers…

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Supply-Side Voodoo and the Need for Meaningful Tax Reform

For decades, Republicans and their wealthy patrons have outflanked the Democratic Party on the issue of tax reform. Republicans have successfully propagated the “supply side” myth that tax cuts stimulate demand and economic growth. And they have wrapped their bogus message in a veneer of anti-government rhetoric that has effectively resonated across the country. Three…

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Jeb Bush and the Special Interests He Serves

On Wednesday, an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “How I’ll Slash the Regulation Tax,” argued that President Obama was hurting the economy through excessive regulation. The article was primarily based on research conducted by the American Action Forum, a right-wing think tank closely associated with the American Action Network and its Big Business patrons….

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Bernie Sanders and the Moral Imperative to Act

Liberal democrats have a long tradition of honoring the separation of church and state, religion and politics You are free to practice your religion, liberals argue, but please don’t use politics to memorialize your religious beliefs or impose them on others. But that may be changing. Have poverty, stagnating wages and income equality become so…

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Stop the Media Circus Surrounding the Debates

CNN’s handling of the Republican primary debate last night was a disgrace. The camera constantly on Donald Trump in split screen Jack Tapper continually leading questions with the likes of: “He said ‘xyz’ about you, what do you say to that? Large crowds constantly cheering and clapping. Is this what politics in America has come…

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Donald Trump and the Sad State of American Journalism

Today’s news media seem to exhibit three main qualities: Pandering – Telling people what they want to hear; never offending anyone, no matter the issue, ala the major news networks including PBS Repetition – Repeating the same thing over and over ad nauseum, ala CNN Rudeness – Shoutfests masquerading as dialogue, ala almost every cable news…

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Progressive Taxation: Not on Hillary’s Agenda

Hillary Clinton’s economic policy speech this past Monday at the New School of New York was a laundry list of progressive proposals– like raising the minimum wage, strengthening worker protections, social security and health care and investing more in infrastructure and early childhood education. See a video of her speech Photo credit: It…

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